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Marketing/Artistic Assistant

Nina (Ninako) is a Los Angeles native whose passion for the stage began with a strong dedication to classical ballet. As years went on, she broadened her curiosity as a performer by developing skills in acting, singing, and various dance styles. This led to her love of musical theater, and drew her to Bloomington, Indiana where she graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre at Indiana University and a minor in Arts Management. She also serves as the social media admin for the Musical Theatre Department.

IUMT gave Nina the space to celebrate her successes as well as her failures. Alongside incredible professors and peers, Nina was able to explore her identity as and artist and as a human being, and discover a new sense of pride for the things that make her different. ​

Nina is half Japanese and deeply rooted in her heritage. When she is not performing, she enjoys cooking (and eating), writing, spending time with friends,  and being outdoors. She loves animals and makes it a point to stop and pet every dog she sees.

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