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Poetry in Motion-Gr. 2-5-with Regan Sims

Grades 2-5

August 2-6

M - F, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Regan Sims

This camp is designed for a parent or guardian to participate along with their child.

With assigned texts, the class will explore the verbal and physical presentations of poetry. Asking questions like: How can these words be said without any sound? What kind of world does this poem live in? How can I express the poem in an imaginary and physical environment that I create with others?

Poetry in Motion will have students examining poetic texts through movement and the imagination. We will build ensemble pieces around these assigned texts and have a culminating final presentation. Students will learn about speech techniques, movement exercises, imagination explorations and group building skills. Culminates in a mini-performance.

The cost includes a DMR T-shirt (if registered by July 12).

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